BunionFree™ Tailor's Bunion Corrector
BunionFree™ Tailor's Bunion Corrector
BunionFree™ Tailor's Bunion Corrector

BunionFree™ Tailor's Bunion Corrector

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The BunionFree™ Tailor's Bunion Corrector offers dual protection for your feet in a single comfortable easy to use design. Super stretchy and secures easily around your 5th toe protects it from rubbing against your shoes. 

Comfortable bunion aid to wear all day and is highly regarded by nurses and other medical professionals for non surgical correcting therapy


We recommend this product to anyone who suffers from bunionette pain and also if you have a mild to moderate bunionette. Perfect for walkers and ramblers, runners and cyclists alike. These can be worn comfortably under socks and shoes during any activity.

BunionFree™ Tailor's Bunion Corrector


The BunionFree™ Tailor's Bunion Corrector will gently reposition the little toe to a more natural alignment and will help to uniformly separate the toes, improving balance and gait while reducing soreness from rubbing footwear. 


  • Splint corrects discomfort swelling soreness pressure and inflammation caused by bunion.
  • Home remedy alternative for stretching and treating athletes runners and other sports related injuries
  • Support, straighten, separate, stretch and align your toes.This is an alternative to surgery procedures.
  • Made from a soft medical grade silicone gel offering a relaxed and satisfying fit.
  • Providing spreader treatment for tailors bunion and Hallux Valgus as well as protection from rubbing on your favorite shoes.
  • Wear with any pair of shoes. Great to use daily, at night or even take with you everywhere.
  • Easy to use, lightweight, portable, easy to clean.
  • 1 Pair

BunionFree™ Tailor's Bunion Corrector


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